Frontiers: Fig + Olive

My next Frontiers restaurant review I took on what had to be the biggest restaurant opening all spring in Los Angeles, Fig + Olive. This restaurant, which comes to us by way of New York (where there are already four locations), though this has to be the biggest, at a whopping 8,000 square feet on Melrose Place. Not only that, but there were three, yes three, opening parties on three consecutive nights, with several Michelin-starred chefs from the south of France helping out in the kitchen. I guess the way to describe it all is: over-the-top.

I went back a couple weeks later to try out the regular menu myself on a normal night (I was lucky to get in--reservations have been full every night for weeks), so you can take a sneak peek at what I enjoyed while I was there, and if you pick up a copy of the magazine itself, you can read about where I love to go for lamb chops (it was just in time for Easter) around town--some surprising choices like A Frame from the Kogi guys, the newly revamped Cafe del Rey, and Craig's.

So check out my "night in Provence" at the link below.