MadeMan: Wine Pimp Decants Some Knowledge

My first article for MadeMan was about something every man should have in his kitchen: salt. In all its simple goodness, as well as some of the fancier permutations in which it's available at gourmet shops these days.

For my second article, I talk about the wine and spirits every guy should be stocking at home, with advice and suggestions from a good friend of mine on LA's wine scene, David Haskell, a.k.a. "The Wine Pimp."

You may remember him from my recent JustLuxe article on the pop-up restaurant he's been hosting with chef Joseph Mahon, called Magnum Crew.

This time we talk about life as a pop-up restaurateur, his favorite spirits, and why you should be packing a fridge full of champagne for impromptu get-togethers and game days. Cheers!