HotelChatter: Wildman Wilderness Lodge

Day four of my Australia series on HotelChatter was especially exciting for me for a few reasons. First, it marked my maiden voyage to Australia's untamed Northern Territory. Second, it was to visit the country's newest high-end glamping property, the Wildman Wilderness Lodge, in an unspoiled corner of the crocodile country of the Mary River Wetlands, just outside Kakadu National Park.

The lodge only opened the first week in April, so I was among the first journalists to see it and stay in one of the tricked eco-cabins, or "habitats," as they're called. They were actually part of another hotel in the Queensland outback that went defunct, then the habitats and the main lodge building were all taken apart, moved 1,700 miles away, and reassembled as Wildman. They're calling it the first recycled luxury hotel in the world.

Apart from the lodge itself, this is Crocodile Dundee country at its finest, and we got to do things like air boating across the marshes, hiking to Aboriginal rock paintings, and going on guided bush walks...not to mention the gourmet dinners and evenings around the fire pit.

Read all about this fabulous new place (and it's only 90 minutes' drive from Darwin) in my story at the link below.