HotelChatter: Southern Ocean Lodge

For the third day of my HotelChatter series on the coolest places I got to stay in Australia recently, I wrote about one of my all-time fantasy hotels: the Southern Ocean Lodge.

I'm actually surprised I haven't written a Cubicle Dreamin' piece on it because I've wanted to visit it since I first read about it opening way back in 2008 in Conde Nast Traveler.

It's on the southern coast of South Australia's wildlife paradise of Kangaroo Island (which I was supposed to visit last year, but I got sick), right along the edge of a clifftop looking out over the sea toward Antarctica. Nothing like it was on the island before, and indeed, it's been a benchmark property for Australia in general, setting a new standard (and a new possibility for) luxury in the country's far-flung, unspoiled places.

I love it when I get to visit a property I've only dreamt about...especially when it lives up to the fantasy. Find out more about my stay by checking out my story below.