HotelChatter: Lord Howe Island

I went back to Australia last month for ATE 2011, the big travel convention where I get to meet with all the hotel, airline and tour operator folks Down Under for a week. I stuck around Australia pretty much for the month of April, and got around to some fabulous hotels and destinations, so I wrote a week-long HotelChatter series on the most interesting places I got to stay.

This year, ATE was held in Sydney, so the New South Wales pre-trips included one to a fabulous, isolated little island halfway between Australia and New Zealand called Lord Howe Island. I stayed at the Arajilla Retreat and Spa, so that's what I write about here, though LHI is too special a place not to go into detail, so you can also read about all the quirky, wonderful features that set this World Heritage island apart in my story at the link below.