MadeMan: Salt Every Man Should Have

I've just started writing for a new outlet called MadeMan. I'm really excited about it, because it's a huge web site in and of itself, with millions of users every month, but it's also part of an enormous network called Break Media that encompasses tons of great web sites.

I'll be writing with kitchen, cooking and dining tips for the everyday guy, so I figured I'd start with the basics and take on one of the staple ingredients of any kitchen: salt.

Though it's so prevalent in our food, it still requires some demystification--especially if it's to be used properly, and even more so if you are looking to get into some of the amazing artisanal varieties out there today.

So whether you never cook at all, or if you're an old hand in the kitchen looking to find out about some rare salts you might not have known about (Salish Smoked Salt! Indian Kala Namak Black Salt! Hawaiian Red Clay Salt!), this article of mine is pretty interesting, so take a look!