HotelChatter Island Series: Musha Cay

Another week, another series on HotelChatter! Well, this one's actually from last week, but I wanted to post it here on my site as well. While my last series on Glamping took you around the globe to some of the most luxurious campsites in the world--from safaris in Africa to swimming with whale sharks in Australia--this time I explore a slight variation on that theme to take you inside the exclusive world of Private Island Resorts!

I decided to go strong out the gate with one of the most exclusive, expensive islands you can call your own for a week: Musha Cay in the Bahamas. It's owned by the famous illusionist David Copperfield, and has not one, but five mansions spread out among its gorgeous 700 acres.

And that's just the beginning. Take a look at my article at the link below to see all the fabulous experiences a mere $37,500 a night will get you the next time you decide to go big or go home...