JustLuxe: Sally Hershberger Studio at SLS Hotel

Since I took over as the LA editor of JustLuxe, I've been straying a little further afield from my usual interests in food, wine and hospitality to cover fields like health, beauty and fashion.

That's why one of my articles last week had to do with the new Sally Hershberger "Style Studio" at the SLS Hotel's Ciel Spa. It won't be one of the famous stylist's full-service salons, but guests will be able to get fancypants stylings, blow-outs, and all sorts of other fun but quick and simple services. Plus there are going to be healthy snacks and specially curated musical playlists.

Just in time for awards seasons and all the Hollywood galas and shows that go with it...

Link: http://www.justluxe.com/travel/news/feature-1365188.php