HotelChatter: Glamping at Cambodia's Floating Eco-Lodge

It's been a fun week exploring the worldwide Glamping scene for HotelChatter, but all good things must come to an end. At least until the next Glamping Series update on the site.

For today's wrap-up, we float down the mighty Mekong River to the Cambodia-Thailand border, where adventurous travelers can stay at the 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge.

The resort is in the heart of the steamy jungle, near a region with the delicious name of the Cardamom Mountains, that has one of Asia's richest aquatic and land-based ecologies. Guests can chill in their luxury tents or on their private sun decks, but they can also go kayaking in mangrove swamps, hike to waterfalls, and explore the local region. Can you tell I'm about ready to go?

See if you're ready to hire your own riverboat after you take a look at my story below.



Glamping said…
That's a so nice place to stay ! I have to go there !

Do you have more information for walk a trip in Cambodia ?