Frontiers: Valentine's Dining

When my editor at Frontiers asked me to cover Valentine's Day again this year, we decided that it might be fun to branch out from our usual "where couples can dine out" kind of roundup, and instead, I pitched a dual-piece. One side for singletons looking for places to drown their sorrows and maybe meet new people (like at the Big Bar's Booze Prom or the Edison's Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day Ball) , and the other for lovey-dovey romantics searching for a special night out (like at Petrossian, the Peninsula Beverly Hills and Eva).

So, voila! Here's my guide to Valentine's Day in LA for Singles vs. Couples, and just because I've split it up this way doesn't mean there can't be some crossover--or you can't treat yourself to a romantic night out on the town.