Jaunted: Auckland Tips From Air New Zealand

You'll recall that when I went to London, I talked to my Air New Zealand in-flight concierge about her tips for what to do in London. So I figured that while I was on that long flight to Auckland, I'd get some insider knowledge dropped on me by the in-flight concierge on that trip, Jo.

As the flight drew to a close, we sat down in Premium Economy, and she gave me her picks for what to do in Auckland during my three days there, and then, as a favor, she also pointed out great things to do along the rest of my itinerary to Hawkes Bay and Wellington.

For now, take a quick look at our little video interview, and keep Jo's picks in mind for your next trip to New Zealand!

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2011/1/9/133912/5000/travel/Tried+and+True+Tips+for+Auckland+from+an+Air+New+Zealand+In-Flight+Concierge