HotelHostess: Best Hotel Bars

For my latest HotelHostess piece, I got to do what is probably one of the more fun roundups that I've compiled lately: the best hotel bars. Hey, I do more than just take pictures of the rooms I stay in when I travel!

Before you go disagreeing with my choices, let's just remember that I was limited to ten, and I know there are tons more fabulous hotel bars out there than that. This list is just a quick mix of classics like Harry's Bar at the Hotel Cipriani in Venice and the Redwood Room at the Clift in San Francisco, some local favorites of mine like High at the Hotel Erwin, and ones that have been generating a lot of buzz like the Sky Lounge at Upper House in Hong Kong and Long Bar at the PuLi Shanghai. Plus a lovely hidden gem that I came across in Paris, the Le Dokhan Champagne Bar at Radisson Blu Le Dokhan's. I could have spent all my nights in Paris there sipping bubbly.

To read about all these and more, look at my article at the link below, then tell me about some of your favorite hotel bars from recent stays.



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