HotelChatter: Four Seasons Manele Bay Perfume Melangeur

The Cool Hotel Jobs series from last week on HotelChatter proved so popular, that we're continuing it with two more installments this week, starting with this post from today on the Perfume Melangeur at the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay.

Not only does Lanai sound amazing since there are only two hotels on this remote former pineapple plantation island, but they're both Four Seasons! Sounds like paradise. And the job of perfume melangeur sounds awesome, especially to someone who likes to smell everything like I do. That sounds weird, but it's a skill that's helped me with my food and wine career for sure.

To read more about Teresa Blackwell and the custom scents she concocts for guests based on spa consultations with them, be sure to read my piece at the link below!