JustLuxe: Montage Deer Valley Luxury Ski Resort Opens

For my second JustLuxe story, I ventured a little farther afield than Los Angeles, and reported on the opening of the ultra deluxe new ski resort opening near Park City this week, the Montage Deer Valley.

Now, covering a ski resort is outside my usual sphere of activities--I'm not much of a snow bunny, and didn't even see the white stuff until I was almost 15 years old! Usually, I write about tropical places, like my recent spate of articles on Hawaii, or living the good life in wine regions like Napa. But hey, who am I to bow out when a fabulous new resort comes along. Even if it is in the snowy heights of Utah. Besides, as I learned by reading about the hotel and checking out all the amenities, it seems like a great place for ski/snowboard beginners such as myself (see: ski valets!), and also has a host of other activities on-hand for the...less active among us. Spa anyone?

Meanwhile, check out the resort for yourself by clicking on the link to my story below!

Link: http://www.justluxe.com/travel/spa/feature-1179024.php