JustLuxe: Drinking it Old School at Hemingway's

For my final December article on JustLuxe, I decided to write about Hollywood's hottest new watering hole, Hemingway's.

This place, like the man it's named after, is all kinds of old school cool--kind of like a bar version of the Dos Equis man. It's got classic cocktails, a sporting 1940's vibe, and best of all, unlike a lot of Hollywood bars, it's not douchey--there's no one there whom Ernest Hemingway would want to unceremoniously punch in the kisser. That's a big plus in a town where people tend to go out based on where they'll be seen by the most people, with the right people

Enough about the downsides of Los Angeles nightlife, though. What makes it worth putting up with all that superficial stuff to live here is the fact that there are all kinds of authentically awesome places like this one. To find out what I mean without mincing any more words (I'll take Hemingway as my inspiration on that one), take a look at my article at the link below.

Link: http://www.justluxe.com/travel/news/article-1229628.php