Frontiers: Di Carlo Pizzeria

I could eat pizza just about every day of the week (and have almost been doing that this past week!), so I was thrilled when my editor at Frontiers asked me to head in to DiCarlo Pizzeria to taste-test a few of their pies, and nibble some pasta and other specialties as well.

Di Carlo is on a lonely little stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, right on the border of Los Feliz and Silverlake, not too far from Bar Covell, actually, but I hadn't been there before. It's actually owned by two French people, who treated me to a tasting of the restaurant's specialties, and explained some of the unique features of Di Carlo, like the almond wood-burning oven that heats the crusts just right.

Take a look at my article in Frontiers at the link below, and next time you're thinking about cooking a DiGiorno, consider a Di Carlo instead.