HotelChatter: Montreal's Hotel Chez Swann

It's been a couple weeks since I posted an article on my trip to Canada in October, and most of what I have written had to do with the organized part of my trip in Toronto. But if you recall, I also spent an evening in Montreal, and I wanted to do one of my signature HotelChatter photo galleries and walk-through videos of the hotel that I stayed in while I was there, the ultra-new, art-focused Hotel Chez Swann.

I mean, I'm a sucker for a good Proust reference, and this hotel didn't disappoint. Especially the humongous shower. Which I'm also a sucker for. I also liked that it's relatively inexpensive (just about $120 a night!) and right in the heart of town in a great shopping and business area on rue Drummond just north of rue Ste. Catherine.

Meanwhile, check out the other room features (and natty decor choices) from my write up and photos by clicking on the link to my story below.