HotelChatter: 21212's Restaurant With Rooms

Whatever you do, don't call Edinburgh's 21212 a "bed and breakfast"! As was pointed out to me in no uncertain terms, they prefer to be called a "restaurant with rooms." So...breakfast and bed?

Well, whatever you call it, you can be sure of finding a fabulous meal there and some sumptuous accommodations, as you'll see from this story I posted yesterday on HotelChatter.

My recent trip to Edinburgh has proven to be a very rich source of story material for me, and I've already written about 21212 as part of an article I did for Jaunted about where to eat in Edinburgh now, as well as in my LowFares guide to the city. This time, I take you upstairs to experience the room I stayed in with both a photo gallery and a walk-through video I filmed, just so you can get a better sense of being there yourself (and see just how big that bathroom really is!). Definitely consider 21212 for a stay on your next visit to Scotland, or at least a meal!