VIDEO! Frontiers: Portland, Maine

A really great friend of mine from college got married way up in the far north reaches of Maine in September, so I took the opportunity to spend an extra couple of days in one of my favorite cities: Portland. The city has so much to offer--whether you're a foodie out for a gourmet adventure, a ferry enthusiast looking to get out into the bay to explore the various islands, an indie music scene aficionado, or a crafts fiend looking to find some of America's unsung artisans.

You thought I was joking when I said that lately it's like I have my own little travel show on Frontiers, but it's been kind of true lately thanks to all the videos I've been posting, and the one I made of all the fun things I got to enjoy (and eat!) during my time in Portland is up there too. Now, keep in mind that all this was filmed over the course of about 28 hours, so I think you'll see that you can pack a lot into your time here, partially thanks to the city's manageably small size and partially thanks to stamina. Whatever your pleasure, though, Portland's got something to pique it. Want to know why? Then you'll just have to take a look at my video at the link below!