VIDEO! Frontiers: Edinburgh, Scotland

It's been a little while since I did any travel-related content for Frontiers since lately I've just been covering the Los Angeles dining scene (including in an upcoming Fall Dining Guide!). However, my editor told me that the magazine was starting a new video channel on its new website, and that they'd love to feature any videos I'd made on my travels.

Little did he know, he opened the floodgates! Not only did I submit videos from some past trips, like the one I took in May to Australia, but I also started filming my recent whirlwind travel extravaganza with a fury. So...over the coming days, look for videos on Portland (Maine), Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne, and more. It's kind of like having my own little travel show online!

For today, I'll post links to the two videos I made in Edinburgh, definitely one of my favorite recent destinations. Part One is about a few of the (more) fun touristy things you can do, while in Part Two, I take you out on a nighttime Ghosts and Ghouls Tour, and out into the countryside for a whisky tasting at Glenkinchie. Enjoy!

Part One:

Part Two: