HotelChatter: Hotel Missoni's Kilted Doormen

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that I've been globetrotting quite a bit lately, and one of the most fun destinations I've experienced in the past couple of months has been Edinburgh, Scotland. Part of that is because I got to stay in the city's most exciting hotel, the Hotel Missoni.

Not only is the place rife with hip, fashion-centric design patterns, but everyone who works there (at least in my experience) is just a pure delight. That includes the kilted doormen who suavely bustle about toting luggage, dispensing sightseeing tips, and dishing on the best restaurants in town (as well as just why their whorly kilts are the best possible uniform).

That's why I talked to the coolest one I could find to get the inside dish on what makes the hotel such a great experience (in addition to the complimentary mini bars and laundry, in-room espresso makers, and on-demand movies), what makes it unique to Edinburgh, and why it's like no other place to work. To hear what he had to say, check out my "Pitch Your Hotel" video on HotelChatter by clicking the link below.