PreferDine: Whist at the Viceroy Santa Monica

Today on PreferDine, we're featuring one of my favorite Westside restaurants: Whist at the Viceroy Santa Monica. We scored a half-off deal of $60 discounted from your bill for just $30. Now all you've got to do is score a reservation for one of the classic poolside cabanas, and your evening will be complete. To find out the details of the deal, and to buy, you can click on my link, or you can just read my PreferDine write-up of the restaurant below.


Whist at the Viceroy
1819 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 260-7511

Chef Tony DiSalvo’s menu at Whist is kind of like the montage makeover scene in a teen comedy where the ugly duckling is transformed into the prom queen. His menu draws from various cuisines (though it’s mostly Mediterranean-skewed), but DiSalvo says that “the common thread is using unexpected combinations of flavors and spices,” like his seared diver scallops with cauliflower, capers, currants and pine nuts. “Cauliflower is not the most common or sexy ingredient, but it’s surprisingly wonderful.” The dishes sound pretty surprising to us, especially the roasted black sea bass with sugar snap peas, kaffir lime and mizuna in lobster-coconut broth; and the grilled beef tenderloin with rhubarb mustard, crispy soba and English pea-coriander vinaigrette. If that’s not sexy enough for you, Kelly Wearstler’s fantastical take on mid-century modern d├ęcor should get the design dorks raring, while the outdoor cabana tables by the pool are reminiscent of a bygone golden Hollywood era. Is that the next hot starlet walking by? If all that still hasn’t gotten you in the mood, try one of Pastry Chef Brooke Mosley’s irresistible desserts. The strawberry tart with buttermilk ice cream and candied pistachios seals the deal every time.


  • Chef Tony DiSalvo fast-talked his way into his first kitchen job at the Hotel Thayer in New York’s Hudson Valley when he was just 13 years old. Beats our old summer jobs.

  • Chef DiSalvo’s resumes contains entries with some pretty big names in the culinary world including jobs at several of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurants, Tom Colicchio at Gramercy Tavern, and Philippe Schmidt at La Goulue.

  • Love the Viceroy but don’t have enough time for a full meal? Try grabbing a quick drink at the lobby’s Cameo Bar. Chances are you’ll make new friends before you even have a chance to settle into one of the high-backed armchairs.