LowFares: Hilton Airport Hotels Bring Glamour Back To Travel

If you ask me, the only things worse than airports are airport hotels. It's as though they make them as drab and nondescript as possible. They've certainly devolved a long way since old Conrad Hilton thought up the idea of opening a hotel at the San Francisco Airport way back in 1959.

Hearkening back to that past, rooted in the glamorous golden age of travel, Hilton is reinventing its airport hotels, starting with a trio of properties--one old, two new. The first is the Rosemont at O'Hare in Chicago, while the other two are international: the new hotel at the Beijing Airport, which is the first five-star airport hotel in China; and a hotel currently under construction at another major international hub above its huge rail station, Frankfurt.

Spas, major conference centers, gourmet restaurants, these hotels are aiming to redefine the current idea of airport hotels, and bring a little panache back to air travel. You can read my story about all three properties, plus the new business lounge at the architecturally significant Heathrow Hilton on LowFares at the link below.

Link: http://www.lowfares.com/blog/2010/09/08/hilton-brings-glamour-back-to-airport-hotels/