HotelChatter: Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa

So while I'm helping out a little extra on HotelChatter this week, I figured I'd post a story about another Australian property that I learned about while I was over there earlier this summer. The Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in the famous Blue Mountains of New South Wales is not only one of the most talked-about new resorts in the past few years, topping "best of" lists all over the world, but it's also the first hotel in the world to be officially certified as carbon neutral. Now guests can enjoy all its luxurious offerings without worrying about how many indigenous species are suffering for their enjoyment.

Want to learn about all the fun things the resort did to achieve this status (they even buy carbon credits, for goodness' sake!)? Then take a look at my HotelChatter story at the link below. In the meantime, here's your historical dork fact for the day: on his famous journey around the world, Darwin stopped at the very spot where the old homestead on the resort grounds sits and marveled at the natural beauty of it. It's a fact!