HotelChatter: Spa Happy Hours

This was definitely one of my favorite assignments ever for HotelChatter that a friend of mine helped me come up with. It combines two of my favorite things: spa treatments and classy happy hour specials.

As I researched, I found out more and more spas are offering happy hour specials to get people in during the weekdays, or to try out mini-treatments, I'm hoping that this might turn into a little series.

For now, I tried to get a bunch of different hotel spas in from all over the country, so whether your out west, on the east coast, or right in the middle, there's bound to be some fun and relaxation in store for you. My list includes the Ritz-Carlton here in Los Angeles, the Hyatt Olive 8 in Seattle, Chicago's Elysian Hotel, The Plaza in New York, and the Hotel Victor in Miami. Want to find out the specifics? Read my article below!