HotelChatter: Hotel With A Rooftop Zoo

The Australia stories continue! While I was ATE in Adelaide in May, I had tons (and I mean tons!) of meetings. We're talking a meeting every fifteen minutes for nearly 10 hours a day. I was meeting with representatives from all over the Australian travel industry hoping to find some interesting story angles, experiences and properties to talk about. While I should continue my coverage of all the fun things I learned of intermittently, this week I'm helping out a little bit extra on HotelChatter, which gave me the chance to talk about two hotels in Queensland with some interesting wildlife features in them.

The first is a hotel in Cairns that has a zoo on its rooftop with what sounds like an amazing aviary with hundreds of native birds flying freely around it (duck!). The second is a Marriott in Surfer's Paradise that has a heated lagoon swimming pool with a sandy bottom that is stocked with tropical fish. Why don't we get anything this fun in the U.S.?

To read more about each, check out my story on HotelChatter below.