PreferWine: Colterenzio Lafoa Sauvignon Blanc

Today on PreferWine we're branching out from our usual California sphere of activity and offering a deal on great wine from Italy's Alto Adige region. The Colterenzio Lafoa 2008 Sauvignon Blanc just scored a stellar 93 points in Wine Spectator, so if you're looking to get more into Italian wines but are sick of Pinot Grigios and Vermentinos, this unusual, full-bodied white might be just the wine for you.

You can click here to purchase the deal at a huge 30% discount and to read more about the wine, or you can take a look at the text I wrote for it below.

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We know you usually plan an elegant European jaunt during the summertime—perhaps a seaside week in beachy Biarritz, flamenco lessons in sunny Sevilla, or boating down the rolling Rhine. Then you checked airfares and realized it was cheaper to get just about anywhere than Europe this summer and decided to stay home instead. Well fear not, intrepid traveler, we’re bringing a taste of the Old World to you with this deal on 2008 Colterenzio Lafóa Sauvignon Blanc. This full-bodied white just scored an impressive 93 points in Wine Spectator, which called it “very impressive and powerful, yet racy and dry,” and summed it up with an imperative: “Drink now.” We couldn’t agree more.

Colterenzio Lafóa Sauvignon Blanc is made in Italy’s northeast Alto Adige region—a winemaking powerhouse whose mild Mediterranean climate is shielded by the mighty Alps—and the grapes are grown in the dry, sun-drenched Lafóa vineyard (hence the name). That means this wine is kind of like a day on the beach: dry and minerally crispness at its base, but with a refreshing tropical breeze of citrus and pineapple gusts blowing through. Maybe that’s why it pairs so well with flavorful seafood like smoked salmon, lobster tail, or pan-seared scallops with a hint of ginger to pick up the wine’s notes of acacia and elderflower, and a mellowing touch of sage.

Normally, you could only get this wine for $54 a bottle, but we’ve snagged it for you at a mere $38. That’s 30% off! Who knows, maybe you will have enough money left over to take that trip after all…


  • In addition to the 93 points it awarded Colterenzio Lafóa, Wine Spectator noted that the wine has “aromas of apple pie, delivering lemon and mineral character as well. Full-bodied, with intense flint and dried pineapple flavors.”

  • No odd Old World blends here: this wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which are grown at an altitude of 430 meters.

  • Once the grapes for the wine are crushed, half the juice is aged in stainless steel and half in oak until the two are blended eight months later, and then released.

  • Wine has been made in Colterenzio since 15 AD, when a Roman named Cornelius established a wine estate here. Today, the cooperative that produces wines from here is comprised of 290 members cultivating over 750 acres of vines.