PreferDine: Wilshire Restaurant

There's not usually much to look forward to on Mondays, but I'm really excited today about our latest deal on PreferDine because we're offering a discount code that cost $25 for $50 worth of food and drinks at one of my favorite restaurants on the Westside of town: Wilshire Restaurant.

Not only is the restaurant itself gorgeous, with one of the best outdoor dining patios in the city, but the food is absolutely delicious. The chef, Andrew Kirschner, is very talented, charismatic, and just a cool guy all around, so this is definitely a deal to go for if you're looking for a great meal out in beautiful Santa Monica.

You can read my write-up and buy the deal here, or just take a look at the text I came up with for PreferDine below.

Wilshire Restaurant
2454 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 586-1707

We’re not the sort of people that live by a set of rules. Yeah, we’re dangerous like that. Still we find it useful to go by a few dictums, and that includes “never trust a skinny chef.” That one held up just fine until we went to Wilshire Restaurant for dinner and met Chef Andrew Kirschner. Not only did we have a few doubts the second we saw the lanky, handsome surfer-chef step out of the kitchen in his whites, but his easygoing manner and ready smile threw us off—we like our chefs to be temperamental. At least he had some colorful tattoos to distract us.

However, as soon as we started eating, our doubts were dispelled and we’re going to have to review a few of our other guiding principles, like never ask a lady her age, and always bring a raincoat. That’s because we were completely wowed by dishes like red curry coconut mussels; soft shell crab with sungold tomatoes, cucumbers and pickled onion; sweet summer corn soup with morels, corn succotash and shaved asparagus; fluffy miso black cod over crispy rice with shiitake mushroom salsa; juicy lamb leg with curried quinoa, Japanese eggplant, pickled tomato and raita; and the signature dish, a whole-fried Thai snapper that was succulent enough with meat falling off the bone to distract us from the fish’s cold stare.

Now you can take advantage of this deal we wrangled for you to take your favorite date out for a nice dinner on the romantically lit outdoor terrace that Bon Appetit ranked as one of the best alfresco spaces in the country. Just be sure she doesn’t get a look at Chef Kirschner…


  • In addition to the restaurant’s coveted 3-star review from the L.A. Times’ notoriously hard-to-please food critic, S. Irene Virbila, Kirschner was named as Angeleno Magazine’s Best New Chef of 2008.
  • Before coming to Wilshire, Kirschner worked with some of the biggest names in Los Angeles including Joe Miller, Ben Ford, Govind Armstrong and Suzanne Goin.
  • The food’s not the only menu that uses fresh produce. Wilshire’s cocktail program revolves around stellar signature libations like the Tequila Spa with cucumber, red grapes and citrus, and the Blueberry Dream with vodka, St. Germain, blueberries, tarragon and fresh lime.
  • Chef Andrew Kirschner is as handy with his feet as with his hands—in his off time, he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, biking and hiking.