PreferDine: Restaurant at Sunset Marquis

The first PreferDine deal of the week is up, and it's one of our signature $30 buy for $60 worth of food and drinks deals.

This time, we're sending you to a secluded little sanctuary that's the favorite of starlets and other sundry celebrities: Restaurant at the Sunset Marquis.

At the stove is much-lauded French chef Guillaume Burlion, who will whip up a 15-course tasting menu for any and all dietary preferences and needs.

Find out more about the deal and sign up for it yourself by going to PreferDine today, and take a look at my write-up of the restaurant on the site, or see the text below!

RESTAURANT at Sunset Marquis
1200 Alta Loma Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Los Angeles is the land of picky eaters. We’ve seen orders placed that would put Meg Ryan’s salad in When Harry Met Sally to shame. Thanks to the Sunset Marquis’ roster of famous guests, Chef Guillaume Burlion is used to dealing with…complicated demands. In fact, with typical French bravura (yeah, we’re picturing a Musketeer twirling his mustachio before slapping us with a white glove), he challenges guests to put his skills to the test and will prepare up to a 15-course tasting menu for any dietary preference or need. Why bother with special requests, though, when his ever-changing menu of seasonal delights includes dishes like lobster and scallop carpaccio with sea urchin ocean salad; a Napoleon of braised oxtail with raclette whipped potato; duck breast marinated in green tea with caramelized potatoes and a plum reduction; Kurobutta pork flat iron steak served with caramelized Fiji apples, huckleberries and whipped potato in a smoky sage infusion; and winning the award for the most exotic dish: a rack of antelope with seared foie gras and wild mushroom in black truffle sauce…get the sauce on the side if you must.


  • Guillaume Burlion’s illustrious past includes working with French superstar chefs Paul Bocuse and Joel Robuchon, and at the Hotel de Crillon and Le Pre Catalan, plus world-famous Maxim’s.

  • Like our members, Chef Burlion is used to being part of exclusive clubs like the famous French Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and the New York Times’s Best Chefs in America.