PreferDine: Bistro LQ

Today on PreferDine, we featured one of the most exciting restaurants in Los Angeles: Bistro LQ. Chef Laurent Quenioux is sort of like a mad scientist in the kitchen, combining all kinds of intriguing flavors and textures to create a dynamic, challenging, and ultimately enlightening dining experience for all who come to his simply chic restaurant on Beverly Boulevard. And it doesn't have to cost you your savings either since you can get most dishes in half-portions, and the wine list has a relatively low mark-up. Just enough of a bonus to ensure that you enjoy a course of cheeses from their amazing fromage cart!

To get the deal, which snags you $50 of food and drink for just $25, just click on the link below, and you can take a look at my write-up below.


Bistro LQ
8009 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-1088

When it comes to flavor combinations, sometimes there’s no explanation for why certain flavors that should be completely different taste so good together. Bacon with chocolate. Foie gras with spiced pear. Tequila with lime. Well, actually, that last one has little to do with taste. Chefs across the country are starting to experiment with these palate-beguiling combinations, and leading the pack of chefs who are making eating out in L.A. interesting again is Chef Laurent Quenioux. At his self-named restaurant on Beverly, Bistro LQ, the exacting Frenchman is turning out dishes that take gastronomic experimentation beyond just flavor into texture territory.

The best way to get a handle on Quenioux’s constantly changing menu is to try either his seven- or ten-course tasting menu (the seven-course menu is available in a vegetarian option). That way, you can try recent additions to his repertoire including foie gras two ways—a torchon with corn gel, and a terrine with yuzu glaze, miso lemon curd, green tea brioche and wasabi marshmallow; peach carpaccio with tomato tartar, scallops in lime juice and virgin Bloody Mary sorbet; confit lamb shank with Meyer lemon marmalade, spring onions and tempura zucchini flower; and his famous signature dish, the oatmeal infused with fresh fennel lobster broth, cinnamon and roasted diver scallops. The muted dining room with orchids on the table is almost shockingly simple as if to allow diners to concentrate all their attention on tasting the extraordinary cuisine.

Bistro LQ’s cheese cart is a veritable rolling cornucopia of creamy goodness, but insist on sampling desserts like the pôt de crème of espresso and chocolate with butterscotch tapioca and tonka bean panna cotta. They pair perfectly with one of the chef-directed tisane herb infusion teas.

In addition to the moderately priced wine list, which draws from regions as disparate as France, Austria and Georgia (the country, not the state), you can get a steal on world-class cuisine by ordering half-portions of almost any dish. Combine it with our offer of $25 for $50 off and you’re practically stealing the most exciting meal in the city.


  • Bistro LQ was one of Los Angeles Magazine’s “Top 10 Best New Restaurants of 2009,” with the assertion that “Laurent Quenioux is a chef who won’t play it safe, and that’s exciting.”

  • Bistro LQ is also on Jonathan Gold’s L.A. Weekly illustrious list of “99 Essential Restaurants,” with Gold calling Quenioux “the most mysterious of L.A.’s first-rank chefs.”

  • L.A. Times food critic S. Irene Virbila said, “From the delicate amuse to the luscious macarons, Laurent Quenioux’s latest bistro revels in the intricate, yet traditional.” Translation: you’ll taste foods you thought you knew and understood in a completely new way.

  • The restaurant also came in first runner up in Angeleno Magazine’s 2010 “Best New Restaurants” award.

  • Quenioux is a native of France’s Loire Valley, and he cooks with many of the same meats he hunted as a boy, like duck, partridge and rabbit, as well as the rich goose liver foie gras he learned to prepare while training in the south of France.