Jaunted: The Mystery of Renting an Automatic in Europe

I'm doing a little feature work on Jaunted this week, and the first of my three articles is about the perils and pitfalls (and potholes!) of trying to rent an automatic car in Europe. As I've discovered over the past couple years, it can be near impossible to get a decent rental--especially at the peak of the high season in summer, which is when I tend to be able to get over there.

I said "near impossible," but not totally impossible. In this piece, I share a few choice anecdotes about my own experiences dealing with rental agencies like Auto Europe, Sixt, and even Avis and Hertz's European divisions.

With a few helpful tips, you'll find that the situation is not so hopeless as you might think at first. Then again, every time I try to do this, I find myself muttering to myself under my breath, swearing that before I try to rent a car in Europe the next time I'll learn how to drive stick! Now if I could only find a friend who'll sacrifice the transmission on their car to teach me...ja

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/8/16/03712/8462/travel/Why+Renting+an+Automatic+Car+in+Europe+is+One+of+Life%27s+Great+Mysteries