Frontiers: Romantic Dinner at Pace and Sexy Cocktails Roundup

The current issue of Frontiers IN/LA is the Single in Los Angeles edition, with a list of L.A.'s most eligible LGBT singletons. So in keeping with the overall theme, I pitched a restaurant review of an old favorite: Pace.

Nestled up in the curves of Laurel Canyon, Pace serves a market-fresh menu of light Italian dishes, and is the perfect spot for a cozy first date, or a romantic getaway right in the heart of town.

The Food 2 Know section of this piece is also a little special in that, rather than talking about a dish I mention in the piece, I chose instead to write a little roundup of sexy cocktails at some great bars around town including Beachcomber, Copa D'Oro, The Edison and La Descarga.

So next time you're thinking of a date night out, come back to this article for a little inspiration, and who knows? Maybe you won't be Single in Los Angeles for much longer!