TravelAge West: Foodie Dream Day in Melbourne

My first TravelAge West article was about ATE, the Australian Tourism Exchange in Adelaide where I learned about all the new tourism experiences, properties and vacations being offered in Australia. One of my follow-ups is about the preceding few days I spent in Melbourne exploring that fantastic city's unparalleled foodie scene. While talking with my editor at TAW about what I saw, did, liked and ate in Melbourne, we settled upon a particular story idea: A Foodie's Dream Day Out in Melbourne.

In it, I include a few of my favorite spots for meals and snacks, as well as some more interactive activities like tours of Queen Victoria Market, Prahran Market, and a trip up to the 88th-story Eureka SkyDeck.

All in all, it turns out to be a pretty busy day, packed full of exciting activities. But for those of you who still think these trips I take are just glorified vacations, one look at the schedule should convince you that I am hard at work while globetrotting!

Take a look at my suggestions for the perfect day out in Melbourne by clicking on the link below, and be sure to let me know what you think!