PreferWine: Courtesan Wines

One of my favorite parts about working for PreferDine is that I get to do a lot of wine writing for its sister site, PreferWine, where we're also offering huge discounts on some hard-to-find wines.

Our first offer was for one of my favorite Sonoma Pinot Noir's from Hanzell Vineyards, but this time we negotiated an incredible deal on a hard-to-find boutique wine from Napa: Courtesan 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon.

You can read all about the wine, and sign up for the deal by clicking HERE, or you can see my write-up about the winery and the wine below and find out why I think this is the perfect "he said-she said" wine.


Courtesan Wines
P.O. Box 30
Rutherford, CA 94573
Phone: (415) 713-5331

Okay, we admit it. All we know about courtesans—those historical mistresses and lady escorts of yore—is based on that movie, Dangerous Beauty. Don’t remember it? We’re glad you asked! A beautiful young noblewoman from 16th-century Venice is groomed to be the mistress to nobles and kings. But her beauty is only part of her attraction. Educated, talented, clever—as soon as she begins practicing her new profession, she becomes a highly valued individual, leaving her formerly cloistered life and setting out to discover the world. Sigh, why couldn’t we have been born back then? At least these days we can enjoy another “pleasure worth paying for,” according to Courtesan Wines winemaker and proprietress Bridget Raymond’s coy motto. That’s what she calls the 100% Napa Cabernet Sauvignons she makes from grapes grown in Oakville’s rich soils at her boutique winery.

We like to think of Courtesan’s 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon as a perfect “he said-she said” kind of wine. The bright concentration of berry flavors like cassis and black cherry with a silky soupcon of cocoa will have the ladies purring, but the shapely tannins and long finish make this wine masculine enough for any mountain man. That’s why it’ll go equally well with a delicate parmesan spring vegetable risotto, or a hunk of simply grilled red meat.

Though a bottle of Courtesan’s Cabernet goes for $90, we’re offering you the chance to get a six-pack at the half-price of just $45 per bottle. If you want to take advantage of this special, though, you’ve to go hurry because they only have 30 six-packs of this rare find, and they’re going to get snapped up fast.


  • Proprietress and Winemaker Bridget Raymond is a Napa native, raised in Rutherford playing amongst the vines in her family’s vineyards.

  • Courtesan wines come from Oakville, which is only two acres wide, but still a Napa powerhouse thanks to meticulous winemaking practices, world-class terroirs and deeply dedicated winemakers.