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Our next deal is up on PreferDine today. Buy our $25 discount code, and it's good for $50 worth of food and wine at Upstairs 2, the restaurant above L.A.'s largest wine store, the Wine House. If you haven't been there for a while, you're probably in the majority, but take a look at my write up below because it will remind you of why you loved the restaurant in the first place!
Upstairs 2
2311 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(310) 231-0316
When you’re browsing the aisles of your favorite wine store searching for that perfect bottle (and that elusive partner with the perfect palate you’ve been looking for all your life), how often do you think to yourself, “if only I could pick out the perfect wine for dinner”? At Upstairs 2, so named because it’s above L.A.’s most comprehensive wine store, The Wine House, they take wine pairing so seriously that the menu of small plates is actually arranged by categories of wines they will pair best with. Pacific rockfish ceviche comes with a crisp and refreshing white. For seared diver scallops with lemon risotto cake and sherry gastrique there are fuller bodied whites; the grilled elk tenderloin with roasted fennel in a sherry glaze requires a robust red; and ostrich tenderloin in blackberry cayenne gastrique demands the nuanced elegance of an Old World. One of the best features of Upstairs 2 is their low corkage fees. It’s $10 if you buy your wine downstairs at The Wine House, but even if you bring it from somewhere else, it’s just $15—well below the average for this caliber of restaurant. Now all you need to do is find that perfect partner who’ll appreciate it.


  • The chef at Upstairs 2, Todd Barrie, has been cooking since he was a teenager, and opened his first restaurant in Miami at the tender age of 20.
  • Measuring up at over 20,000 square feet, the Wine House is Los Angeles’s largest wine store.
  • Chef Todd Barrie hosts a weekly Wine & Dine Wednesday four-course dinner with wine pairings from around the world chosen by sommelier Marilyn Snee. Each week presents a different varietal or region, and includes a brief discussion of the wines.


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