LowFares: Qantas' Historic Milestones and Future Innovations

After the Melbourne City Guide, the Yarra Valley wine country feature, and the Sydney hotel guide, the final piece in my big LowFares Australia series this week is about Australia's de facto national airline, Qantas.

Marking its 90th anniversary this year, Qantas is the longest continuously operating airline in the world. Far from being a fossil, though, the airline has implemented a myriad of new and innovative programs not only to keep up with the times, but to become and stay an industry leader.

In my article, I let you in on a few secrets from the airline's past, and talk about several of their key initiatives--environmental, design, culinary, and technological--that help separate Qantas from the passel of other first-class international carriers. I think you'll be able to tell how much I enjoyed flying it from my section on their A380's, but read on to see what else makes the airline so special.

Link: http://www.lowfares.com/blog/2010/07/19/qantas-milestone-anniversary/