Jaunted: What Not To Do In Machu Picchu

Most travel guides will tell you what you need to see and do in a destination, but on Jaunted, we like to tell you what NOT to do, in order to avoid some common tourist mistakes and make the most of your time while traveling.

So this week, I was asked to write about the 5 things not to do in Machu Picchu based on my trip to Peru last week, and I think I came up with some doozies that will save you both time and money on a trip there--and ensure that you get to use the bathroom when you need to!

Find out what I'm talking about by clicking on the link to my story below...

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/7/14/04049/6995/travel/What+Not+To+Do+In+Machu+Picchu%3A+The+Top+5+Tourist+Mistakes