HotelChatter: Summer Suppers at Hollywood Roosevelt's Bridge

The other night, my HotelChatter editor and I decided to make an evening of it and hit a couple of hotel events around town. The first was right in my own backyard at the Mondrian, where Susan Sarandon brought the paddles and balls for the first ever SPiN Ping Pong Club event at the hotel.

After watching folks play a few rounds, and enjoying some of the specialty cocktails, we headed to our second destination of the evening, Thompson's Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where we tried out dinner at the hotel's new outdoor restaurant, The Bridge, which is on the "Marilynne Monroe Bridge" above the hotel's famous Tropicana Bar, overlooking the pool.

All in all, we had a great time--though that was thanks as much to the company as to the food. I will say the ambiance was just delightful though, with candles flickering, and a cool evening breeze keeping things temperate. Find out more about The Bridge and what we had to eat by looking at my HotelChatter story at the link below.



H. C. said…
the menu looks promising -- maybe I'll swing by for a bite after some market-fresh drinks @ the Library Bar.