Los Angeles Confidential: Food Issue

A few months ago, I got the exciting offer from my editors at Los Angeles Confidential Magazine to write up the dining feature for their Summer Food Issue. Combining both the best of my experience and a sense of what trends have been taking shape lately, I brought all my expertise on L.A.'s restaurant scene to bear in this extensive spread, and I'm very proud of the results.

Included are small features on: the best steaks and burgers in Los Angeles, the ascendency of the French bistro in L.A., restaurants for romantic rendezvous, Italian kitchens, macarons: the dessert du jour, the best outdoor dining spots and dining rooms with views, the hidden gems you can find in strip malls, and, of course, food trucks. Then at the end, there's a fun foodie chart about where you'll find different L.A. "types" eating and drinking around the city.

I'll be posting content from the individual pieces over the coming days, but for now, you can take a look at the whole (wonderful, if I do say so myself) six-page spread at the link below. Best of all, the issue will be out on newsstands for three months, so you can take a look at it throughout the summer. Oh, and if you're wondering why the picture with this post is of Chace Crawford, it's because he's the cover image, so you can look for his face on newsstands if you want to buy a hard copy of the issue.

Link: http://www.la-confidential-magazine.com/dining_0610_article5.html