LA Confidential Magazine: Food Trucks Rally

When we first started discussing the LA Confidential Dining Issue, we realized, of course, that we couldn't leave out the biggest trend of all from the past couple of years: food trucks. That's why I devoted one of the features in the spread entirely to these mobile kitchens that have foodies lining up for hours in vacant parking lots for a paper plate of food on the go. Here are some of our favorites, but there are plenty, plenty more!


Food Trucks Rally

When discussing the LA food scene, we can’t avoid truck talk, and though we aren’t glued to our Twitter feed furiously following their whereabouts, we do manage to catch up with them from time to time. We have to mention Kogi ( for the excellent work it’s done not only combining kimchi and tacos, but also for raising the profile of food trucks everywhere. Once you get a taste of the parathas from India Jones Chow Truck (, you’ll never settle for plain old naan again, while the temari balls at Fishlips ( put the average sushi roll to shame. Frysmith ( makes French fries even better by topping them with goodies like Kurobuta pork belly, kimchi, onions and cheddar, and the gyros at Louks ( are good, though we go for the mini Greek doughnuts topped with Nutella (and for the cute guy who takes our order). Then again, for dessert, there’s always the mix-andmatch ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus (