Jaunted: Interview with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce

Last week while I was at the Australian Tourism Exchange in Adelaide, I got the chance to speak one-on-one with Qantas CEO Alan Joyce about what the airline has coming up, including his announcement of a $44 million investment in the "There's Nothing Like Australia" campaign, the series of new A380's the airline has coming online over the next year, and what exactly makes those new first class suites on its international flights worth the $11,000 each way price tag.

I think you'll see Mr. Joyce has the facts down, and he's pretty fun to talk to, too, so this was a pretty enjoyable interview to do. It made me even more excited to be flying on a Qantas A380 tomorrow to see if the new plane really does live up to the hype, so keep checking this site and Jaunted for further coverage of the experience, as well as an inside look at the Marc Newson-designed First Class Lounge at the Sydney Airport.

For now, see for yourself what the Qantas CEO had to say: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/6/6/215019/7336/travel/Qantas%27+CEO+Alan+Joyce+Raves+to+US+About+Their+A380s