HotelChatter: Sapphires at Saffire Spa

While I was at ATE in Adelaide at the beginning of June, I was running around from meeting to meeting with tourism industry professionals (airline, hotel, tourism board reps), sniffing out story angles for the various outlets in which my work appears.

One of the big announcements at ATE was the opening of a new eco-luxury resort on Tasmania's east coast called the Saffire-Freycinet. In addition to being just a breathtaking property in one of the most unspoiled places in the world, it is also part of the newly established Luxury Lodges of Australia association of fifteen independently owned and operated high-end resorts. Though that figures in my story, what I really wanted to concentrate on was all the decadent treatments being offered at Saffire's spa, including several that incorporate gold, diamonds, and, yes, even sapphires.

To learn more about the opulent offerings in one of the far corners of the earth, take a look at my HotelChatter story from this morning at the link below.