Wandermelon: Revenge of the Merlot

The folks over at Wandermelon are definitely interested to hear about my upcoming adventures in wine-related travel, but my most recent piece for them had to do with a tasting here in Los Angeles: Learn About Wine's "Revenge of the Merlot" tasting and panel discussion.

I love Learn About Wine's dynamic calendar of wine-tasting and educational events (which are also just plain fun), and have enjoyed many an afternoon of sipping and spitting vintages from far-flung places like Napa, Burgundy, Santa Barbara, and beyond.

This particular tasting focused on high-end Merlot producers from Napa and Sonoma, and before we got down to drinking, we were treated to a panel discussion with opinions from some of the best-known names in the business.

Want to learn more about Merlot, and why the guys in Sideways had it all wrong? Take a look at my piece below to read about the real deal behind the varietal, as well as some of my favorite wines at the event.

Link: http://wandermelon.com/revenge-of-the-merlot-learn-about-wine-sets-the-record-straight/