Jaunted: Flying the Gay-Friendly Skies With JetPRIDE

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a little preview on EDGE about JetBlue's recent JetPRIDE Flight #1969, hosted by Australian comedienne (and "the most glamorous air hostess in the world!") Pam Ann, from San Francisco to Long Beach just in time for the first festival of Pride season.

Well, this past weekend, I had the chance to hop on the flight myself, as well as to enjoy the Hotel Maya's Pride 2010 Package. What a fun, exhausting weekend! I'll be writing about the whole shebang for EDGE later this week, but here is the first recap of just the flight section of the itinerary that went up on Jaunted earlier today.

Not only will you get a full synopsis of all the silly shenanigans on the flight, but I've also posted a gallery of pictures from the afternoon, as well as some video "outtakes" of Pam Ann as she roused and razzed the crowd. So click on the link to my story below, and enjoy all the champagne shots, cupcakes and cocktails as you come aboard JetPRIDE 2010!

Link: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2010/5/17/13492/3146/travel/Party+Dispatch%3A+Pam+Ann+Takes+Off+with+JetPRIDE