HotelChatter: Cupcakes at the Mission Inn

A few weeks ago, I got the chance to stay at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Now, I know what you're thinking: "what's so great about a hotel in Riverside?" And before staying there, I would have agreed with you.

However, the Mission Inn is one of the great historical properties of California, and is an iconic hotel with a past that rivals the great hotels of yore. Over 10 U.S. Presidents have wandered its halls, and the Nixons were even married there (the Reagans spent the first night of their honeymoon there too).

So that's the stodgy history draw--you can even take a docent-led tour during your stay if you want, and I'd highly suggest it--but now on to the fun. The hotel is also now home to a bakery specializing in cupcakes, and not only that, but you can even throw your very own cupcake decorating party. Truth be told, this was one of the major draws to the resort (though the gorgeous pool out front, and the newly expanded spa didn't hurt).

Want to hear more about the frosted treats and sprinkled sweets in store for you? Hit the link below to see my HotelChatter story on it from last week.