Frontiers: North of France Daytrips from Paris

Well, it took a little while, but my article on the north of France finally went up in the Long Beach Pride issue of Frontiers IN/LA.

In it, I cover a day trip to Champagne, where the train trip to Reims takes just about an hour from Paris, and you can spend the morning touring the historical sites, and the afternoon sipping champagne in some of the most famous wineries in the world.

The other half of the article is about heading to Normandy to see the World War II beaches, the renowned Bayeux Tapestry, and trekking along the gourmet cider and cheese routes that run through the Pays d'Auge countryside.

If you've been to Paris before and are looking to get out into the countryside but don't have too much time on your next trip to France, this article has tons of great ideas for you!