Blackboard Eats: Gobi Mongolian BBQ

The last piece I wrote for Blackboard Eats was about The Little Next Door, but I actually wrote this piece about a new restaurant in Silverlake at just about the same time.

Gobi Mongolian BBQ won't be setting new dining standards, but it was still a pretty fun place to eat, and I'd actually suggest it as a decent first-date place where you won't lack for conversation about everyone's choice of what to put into their big old stir fry bowl.

My favorite fun fact I learned while researching this piece was: "Mongolian barbecue is neither Mongolian nor barbecue. That’s right, this form of griddle stir-frying originated in Japan, where it was called teppanyaki, before it became popular in Taiwan in the mid-20th century."

To read more about Gobi and why you might like to eat there, take a look at my story by clicking on the link below!