LA Confidential Magazine Review: 9021Pho

Before you say it, yes, I know, 9021Pho is just shy of a clever play on words since "pho" is actually pronounced "fuh," not "foh." Still, I think the name is cute, and I love this little noodle shop right on the corner of Beverly Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard, in Beverly Hills' main main tourist district. That's because the food is fresh, hearty and good, and Chef Kimmy Tang is a downright pleasure to talk to, sort of like the Vietnamese mom I never had, especially because her steaming soups cured me of a horrible head cold this winter...thanks to a generous dash of chili sauce.

It's not the usual venue for an LA Confidential review since it's not necessarily a top-tier dining destination, but it is right in the heart of things, and chances are you'll see a power-lunch or two going down during your visit.

Find out the details by looking at the spread from the magazine which I've included here, and then reading the text of the article is below for your perusing pleasure!


Finally, a casual Beverly Hills noodle shop for power-lunching talent agents, star-struck tourists and exhausted luxury shoppers alike.

Devotees of Chef Kimmy Tang’s former restaurant, Michelia, were heartbroken when it closed nearly two years ago, but are already flocking in droves to this new Vietnamese café for steaming bowls of pho, the traditional Vietnamese soup, and appetizers like the deep-fried spring roll with crab, shrimp, chicken, carrots, and tree ear mushrooms.

Tang’s menu reflects the woman herself, and is packed with warm, familiar dishes jazzed up by vivacious spices. Entrees include a spicy basil chicken with bell peppers and chili, and sweet-and-sour star anise salmon with lemongrass, honey and lime. On the vegetarian side, there are choices like grilled eggplant with pan-fried garlic, shallots and peanuts, and “Buddha” curry over vegan chicken with sweet peas, yam, carrots and onion.

This is Beverly Hills though, so this isn’t any old soup counter. The simple décor is still classy with marble-topped tables, and wallpaper that looks like it came from the Beverly Hills Hotel. The sweet seats are at the counter overlooking Beverly Drive, or along one of the leather banquettes with a view of the frenzied kitchen activity. The perfect setting for green-lighting a studio project.

490 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, (310) 275-7077