LA Confidential Magazine Article: La Vida Vegan

I just happened to be pitching a couple story ideas to my editors at Los Angeles Confidential Magazine a few months back when they were looking for ideas for the April/May Issue, and I suggested a piece on the wave of new vegan restaurants overtaking Los Angeles. Little did I know how inadvertently good my timing was, because this issue happens to be the Green Issue, so the story was right in line with what they were looking for.

Space was tight, though, so I had to limit my choices to five, and produce a quick sentence or two on each one. If you've seen some of my stories, you'll realize just how much economy I had to employ to get this piece on the page. Still, I think it gives the reader a sense of each establishment's character, and is also a pretty great little list of healthy dining destinations around Los Angeles for would-be vegans (and macrobioticists!).

Included are: BabyCakes NYC/LA, Elderberries, Little m by M Cafe de Chaya, Seed, and The Veggie Grill (a personal haunt of mine ever since it opened at the Sunset 5). For more on where to go and what to eat, take a look at the full article at the link below!