Wandermelon: Bustucker Aboriginal Foods

While I was in Western Australia last November, one of the most fun activities we enjoyed on the trip was a morning Bushtucker Tour at the mouth of the Margaret River. It included a canoe ride up the river mouth, learning about the native flora and fauna--not to mention the avian wildlife--as well as Aboriginal culture and beliefs. It all culminated in a little bush-food picnic near some caves that included several Australian specialties and even "superfoods" like the anti-oxidant rich bush lime.

Though the Bushtucker Tour was just one of the activities I wrote about in my recent Wandermelon piece, I took a great video of our guide, Kris, explaining all the otherworldly goodies we were eating that day, and Wandermelon decided to post it on their YouTube Channel.
So click on the following link to see the video, with some cameos by yours truly, and to learn about all the fascinating foods of Western Australia. It's a kick!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joVLGj0UMk8